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  • By Adel


Lagu : Suara Jiwa
Pencipta: Alywin Santiago
Lirik: Tinta
Penyanyi: Shanel Shanty
Penerbit : GREGS Video Sdn Bhd

"Suara Jiwa" is the nation's pride as it showcases the essence of every Malaysian ... it speaks of the many diversities that are present due to the multicultural country that we are and yet we are bound by the love for our country - Malaysia.

A nation that we're proud of ... for its many achievements since its independence; today we stand tall as one ... with no introduction needed to the world - for our achievements speak louder than words.

Suara Jiwa was proudly produced by GREGS Video , and we at GREGS would like to congratulate the entire GREGS family for their tireless efforts in ensuring the success of this video - we have proved time and again that nothing is impossible.

It was truly a different working experience all together for the entire team, and despite the many sleepless nights; the entire team had a blast in putting together the video and producing it. It has truly been a remarkable journey for us to view our work on National TV and we would like to thank everyone for giving us the opportunity to prove ourselves.

Inilah Suara Jiwa ... Inilah suara GREGS ...Inilah Suara kami ....

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