most popular putlockers  shows of the time

Already in 1964, Peter Frankenfeld launched this campaign in his show "Vergissmeinnicht". The big star of "Drei mal Neun" is the cartoon dog Wum, created by the cartoonist Vicco von Bülow aka "Loriot" especially for the show. His buddy, the elephant Wendelin joins in the follow-up program "The Great Price".   
These programs are among the most popular putlockers  shows of the time. They will air on Thursday evening, making it the second fixed showplace on television. And this slot is "top", as shown by the ratings, also because Hans Rosenthal in his game show "Dalli-Dalli" with his legendary jump "Das Spitze" thrilled the audience from 1970 to 1986.
Celebrities have to prove their skills in various games where skill and speed are important. If the candidates need to guess words within 30 seconds, the presenter monitors the time with the stopwatch and hurries the candidates into a hurry.
In the ARD, the mess no longer takes place only on Christmas Eve. Who does not dream of being on the cutting edge with Rudi Carrell? The winners of the eponymous show, in which, similar to "Wish you something" families compete in different games against each other for putlockers , namely profits can muster. The only thing you need is a good memory.
In a certain period of time, the winner of the show has to memorize as many of the objects passing on a treadmill as possible and take them home. There is also a fist-like surprise behind many a subject, for example, the globe is always associated with a journey whose goal the candidate himself determines by tapping blindly on any part of the globe.
Private television is coming: the 1980s Moderator Thomas Gottschalk during his ZDF show. Moderated for years "Wetten, dass ...?": Thomas Gottschalk January 1984, the era of "zapping" begins. RTL and SAT1 change the television landscape, the variety of programs increases enormously. Crucially, the commercialization of television is taking its course. Of course, this also affects the putlockers  TV shows.

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