When should you buy a new car?

The thought of buying a new car arises now and then in the mind of a car owner. Driving a used car in Pakistan is nothing to be ashamed of but a new car comes with better performance and safety measures. If you can afford a new car, you should buy it., In this article, we will have a look at factors you should consider while thinking of buying a new car in Pakistan.
Let your old car Go!
One develops affection for the thing he has kept for many years. If a person owns a Civic 95 for the past 12 years, he would not want to sell it as the car would have a special place in his heart. Every car needs maintenance and repairs as it grows older but if your old car is being heavy on your pocket and needing a lot of maintenance and repair, it is best to let it go and think about buying a new car.
Consider buying a new car if the performance of your old car is dropping off lately. The major sign for dropping performance is fuel consumption. If you notice that the fuel consumption of your old car has drastically increased and you are spending huge money on fuel, it is time to buy a new car in Pakistan.
Need of a new car:
Another possible reason that you might be pondering over buying a new car is that your needs are growing. A small car can meet the needs of a small family but as a family grows and you have more kids, you will need a spacious and large vehicle. Many people prefer buying minivans or SUVs to accommodate large families. A spacious car is good for carrying groceries and your kid’s guitar. 
New Features:
With advancements in technology, new features are being added to the new cars. You may want to get the advantage of these new features that might not be available in your old car. Your old car would work fine without these features but these features will give your car a flashy appearance. 
Safet is another important measure in a car. You should always consider the safety features present in a car while buying it. As technology is advancing with every passing day, safety features are being evolved and keep getting better. The safety features like blind-spot monitoring, assisted parking may not be present in many used cars in Pakistan. If you are impressed by these new safety features, you should think of buying a new car.
Additional vehicle:
Buying a new car just for sake of replacing the old one is not always the case. Sometimes, you may need to buy a new car just because of your family. One car might not be enough to fulfill your needs. Your kid might want a car to go to his college or your wife may need a car at home for running errands. An additional vehicle will be of great benefit if your other car suddenly stops working due to any underlying cause.
If you have the capacity to handle the expense of a new car you should avail this opportunity. Unlike older cars, a new car will have better performance and its maintenance would not cost a lot. New cars usually come with higher fuel efficiencies.
Buying a new car will offer you mental peace as you will not need to worry about it breaking down at the hour of need. So, it is better to buy a new car if your old car starts giving you doubt and pinch your wallet a lot more than usual. 

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