Top 10 Advantages of Doing Love Marriage

Marriage, a union between two adults who take the oath to spend the rest of their lives together, be it in their worst days or their best days. Marriages used to be always arranged by the parents, however, times have changed, and people can now choose whoever they want to marry. 
It would have been unbelievable to even think about love marriages in the past few years, however now it is quite common. Inter religion, inter-caste love marriages do exist, and they have broken every barrier that exists in society. 
However, even after so many years of development, changes, there is still a stigma attached to love marriages. Two adult individuals who can give consent about marrying each other are also restricted from doing so to date! 
However there are many advantages and disadvantages of love marriage still now days many people prefer doing love marriage. There are lots of benefits of doing love marriage which you must know if you are planning to do the love marriage. You must know these love marriage benefits so that you can explain them to your family in case your family is not supporting for doing the love marriage.
Many stereotypes about love marriages are often acquired by old age people who believe that it is breaking their culture, norms, and values. But at the end of the day, marriage should only involve two individuals and it's their choice that matters. 
So if you are someone who is hesitant or carries stereotypes about love marriages, then here are 10 wonderful benefits a love marriage has over arranged marriage. 
  • Love 
The greatest benefit of love marriage is love itself. How can one even imagine marrying someone whom they don’t love? Marriage is a partnership for life, therefore you need to love and respect each other in the first place. 
This can be present in love marriages from the start. Arranged marriages have to go through a lot of steps before achieving "Love".
  • Better Chances of a Successful Marriage
As simple as it sounds, in love marriage, you know your partner quite well, their habits, be it bad or good, you are aware of all of them. And the best thing is, despite that you choose to marry them. 
Therefore there lies less room for failure. On the other hand, in an arranged marriage, you don’t know each other that well. Moreover, after marriage, you might get to know some secrets that might be hurtful and can lead to failure.

  • Freedom of Choice
This is another advantage of the love marriage. Freedom is everything and in love marriage, you achieve freedom of choice. As in love marriages, the individual mostly decides about the marriage when they are fully ready
Therefore they have the choice of conducting their marriage in any way that they want, without the interference of a third party.
  • Compatibility
You cannot fall in love without being compatible with each other. You have to complement each other's personalities. Compatibility refers to a common ground and a better understanding between two individuals. 
It can only be achieved when they know each other for a long time, which is quite impossible in an arranged marriage. However, in love marriage, both have a better understanding of each other's feelings as well as things that affect them, which makes them compatible and strong.
  • Happiness
It is no secret that most arranged marriages are sacrifices and ends up being a sad marriage for either of the partners. It might be due to a lack of understanding, love, or anything. 
Nonetheless, they become unhappy about their marriage. But in a love marriage, there is already the existence of love, faith, care, understanding, etc. Therefore they have a happy married life.
  • Friends over Lovers
Any relationship starts with friendship. But in the case of arranged marriages, you get to marry the person first even before knowing, let alone being friends. 
Whereas in case of love marriage you definitely know another person as a friend first. This definitely helps in the long run to maintain the stability and understandability between the two.
  • Time to be sure
In the case of arranged marriages, people tend to marry fast, like within 6 months or even before that. Due to lack of time, either of them sometimes marries just in the pressure, not being sure about it. 
Marriage is not something that can be deleted or undone when not working. It's hard to undo the whole decision even if you are right. Whereas, in the case of a love marriage, two people get enough time to think, to know each other before making the decision to being married.

  • Satisfaction
This is another advantage of love marriage. In an arranged marriage, it can always turn out that either one or both of the partners are not satisfied with the marriage for different reasons. This can turn into ugly fights and blame games between the two.
However, in a love marriage, both the people are well aware of everything and are satisfied with their decision of getting married. Therefore there is self-satisfaction as they are content with their choices.
  • No Restrictions
This is the important advantage of love marriage. In most arranged marriages, it is being set up in a way where both the individuals are of the same religion/caste/financial capacity. Therefore arranged marriages are often very restrictive and have less or zero diversity. 
But love marriages go beyond all of these restrictions. People of different castes, religions can marry each other. Therefore one of the biggest abilities of love marriage is choosing your spouse beyond the restrictions set up by society.
  • Trust Between the Partners
Trust is the backbone of any kind of relationship, especially marriage, and trust cannot be gained in a short period of time. You cannot trust a stranger, and that’s exactly what you are expected to do in an arranged marriage setup. 
On the other hand, in love marriage, you have known each other for a while and have grown into trusting each other. Therefore, you trust each other’s words, actions, and opinions. 
This trust between partners in turn makes a marriage a successful and happy one.
It has been years since the whole love marriage idea has come into existence. While some are accepting of it but others are very reluctant about the same. 
Nonetheless, love marriages are far more happier and successful than arranged marriages. Therefore there should be more of them. People should be given choices to choose their lifelong partners without any pressure. 
One should care about love, respect, compatibility while getting married and not about society. 
So here in this post we have shared the benefits of love marriage. After reading this post about love marriage benefits now we hope your thoughts about love marriage have been changed.

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