Dear Modern Women, Let's Ignore the Media and Regain Our Self Respect

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I am calling to all those women who like, share and agree with videos, presentations and posters flooded by social media begging the world (read "men") to give women respect, love and consideration because they are the angels on earth, doing everything and more for the family and society (read "men") and so on. With the increased indulgence in social media, the begging has become relentless. It is a real pity because in recent years women have become more independent than ever but apparently, only financially so. According to the media, her self-esteem, happiness and freedom depends more than ever on approval tokens by the world, by men, in particular - explicit praise, gifts and celebrations round the year.
I have been wondering about the following questions for some time now -
Do I need somebody else to tell me that I am beautiful or to encourage me to be so, as per whatever personal standards? Aren't I to gain the most if I kept myself fit and groomed and then admired the results?
Do I need somebody else to praise me on how I balance home and career, if I am confident that I am doing my best, under the given circumstances?
Do I need somebody else to tell me that I am cooking well or keeping house well or bringing up the kid well? Aren't I also doing it for myself? And of course, if I don't feel that I am the "type" who does all that, then I should feel justified not doing so, as well, without approval of anybody.
Do I need somebody else to spend time, effort and money to take me out for a movie or entertainment that I prefer (but he doesn't), to buy me stuff of my taste and so on? Do I need him to validate my talents or interests for them to be worthwhile for me? Why not enjoy with like-minded friends?
In the quest for approval, suppressing own wishes to unnecessary, unasked-for extremes and then clamoring for sacrifices in return as proof of affection is not being fair to anybody unconcerned.Where is the justice in plying somebody with more attention than expected or deserved and then demanding the same in return?
It would seem as though the stay-at-home moms bound by the four walls of the house, a hundred years ago, possibly had more self-respect and sense to not to depend for happiness on the notice and approval of another human being. She may not have earned her own money as was typical then but also may not have worried as much about it because she was confident of the importance of the role she played as a daughter, wife, mother and so on... She had her friends and women relatives as a support system and was comfortable in her own skin. There was no need for constant reassurance from any man as to her indispensability.
Let us regain our self-respect, our sense of self-sufficiency and thereby command respect naturally, if at all, not that we should care for it in any way. That, I think, will constitute empowerment.
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