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Taiwan, an island off the southeastern point of China, is about the size of the USA states Maryland and Delaware combined. It consists of mostly rugged terrain, but also has a few gently rolling plains, located in the west of the country. The climate generally has a constant cloudiness, but don't let that stop you from visiting! Taiwan offers many sites to see on its beautiful island.
As the capital of Taiwan, Taipei is the cultural hearth and economic center of the entire island. Visitors can find this city in the northern part of the island. Taipei houses the National Palace Museum, one of the largest museums of Chinese artifacts and artworks in the world. If a tourist wants to start their trip off right, they can start in Taipei because the rest of the island is connected to this city by means of railways, airports and bus lines!
For all those lovers of sports, the national sport of Taiwan is baseball. Even some of the players from Taiwan go on to play in the Major Leagues in the United States. You can always guarantee catching a game if you visit.
As of 2012, the population of Taiwan was 23,261,747. Most of these people live on the main island of Taiwan, with the remainder being spread out between Penghu, Kinmen, and the Matsu Islands. About 98 percent of the population of Taiwan is of the Han Chinese decent. Taiwan also boasts a literacy rate of about 96 percent, with the national language being Mandarin.
Sights to See

If you are on vacation in Taiwan or just visiting for a business trip, there are many things that you would be able to do. Some of these include visiting the Maokong Mountain to see a bird's eye view of Taipei, or going to the National Palace Museum we talked about earlier.

If you venture outside of the capital, say to Kaohsiung, there are many different sights to see. The Kaosiung Museum of Fine Arts and the Buddha Memorial Centre both offer insight into the life in the olden days, and what it would be like to live as a Taiwan resident in the present day or even in the past.
Buddha Memorial Centre
Throughout these museums, you will notice the prominence of Chinese and Japanese artifacts. This is because of the leadership switches that occurred throughout Taiwan's history.
If you are looking for water sights, Lian Lake and Chichin Island are both popular attractions for visitors. The coastline at Chichin is a popular visit for tourists who like to lounge around the beach and lay out, while Lian Lake is lined ancient temples that tell a story in themselves.
So whether you are in Taiwan to gain knowledge of history or just want to see some pretty sights, the country is sure to be an enjoyment for you and even your family! There is something for everyone in Taiwan!
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