A City Rich in History and Culture

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Out of all the cities in the world Rome is the one that seems to be inundated with history, culture, art and tourists that come to pay homage to the Vatican City the heart of the Roman Catholic religion.
As the city attracts so many visitors annual it is geared to cater to all visitor comforts. The best way to experience Rome in true Roman style would be to rent out a Roman villa or a rental home. World renowned for its ancient sculptures, fountains and breathtaking architecture such as the Colosseum and the Pantheon a visit to Rome transports you back to a historic civilization that was rich socially and gave much to the world of thought, literature and drama.
The Pantheon is one of the best preserved ancient buildings in the whole of Rome and was built as a temple for classical deities. Its true glory lies in its structure and is a masterpiece of ancient Roman architecture.
Situated in the central western part of Italy, Rome has large amount of catacombs which were ancient burial places, on a handful of which have been discovered. The city also has obelisks, which are narrow and tall tapering monuments. The Trevi Fountain is very popular as the fountain from which to drink if you want to guarantee a return to visit Rome. This fountain is the only one to survive a barbarian attack in the early Middle Ages.
Italian cuisine is popular the world over so what better place to experience and enjoy the genuine article than in Italy itself and specifically Rome. Italians are heavy coffee drinkers, especially espresso, but enjoy wine and cheese as well which form a staple part of Italian cuisine. However, who can forget that Italy is home to such famous culinary wonders as pizza and rosetta, a visit to Rome would guarantee a taste of these mouthwatering dishes with the flavours of their original birth place infused.
As mentioned before Rome is home to the Vatican City of which the Pope is the head of state and the head of government. The City was established in 1929 and actually issues its own passports. It attracts an endless number of visitors.
Other places of interest in Rome would be the Spanish Steps which consists of 12 flights of stairs and which end at the Piazza Trinita dei Monti or visit the Campo de'Fiori Market the open air market where all fresh food products are available such as fruits, fish, meats. This market has been around for centuries. With a canon fired at 12 noon daily and a permanent merry go round, pony rides and puppet shows the Giancolo Hill is a must visit with the family while it offers the best panoramic views of Rome. Enjoy an impromptu picnic as the Parco Savelo and enjoy the views of Rome.
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